meet the owner cont'd

Kaye Jackson’s infectious spirit, wonderful soul, and big heart shines through in everything she does. She is an innovative leader who set out to accomplish goals with her solid work ethic and focus on the task at hand while overcoming obstacles along the way. She has led others on their journeys as well – all this throughout being a great mom to her two boys and an extraordinary wife!

She inspires others every day by setting examples of what it means be strong both inside and out – having a passion for life and making an impact on others along the way.

So, grab your glass #Whinebabes, join us on this journey, and enjoy the experience that is The Random Whine.


 Kaye’s intrigue and curiosity for wine and all the varietals (flavors) began years ago in corporate America. She leisurely sought to understand each culture’s approach to wine. Kaye extensively studied each culture’s custom wine pairings. She would grab an expensive bottle and one reasonably priced bottle to test her palate.


Wine carried an even deeper meaning to Kaye when she faced the unthinkable. It became a way to delight and distract her during breast cancer treatments. Kaye turned her woes into a win. Wine became an outlet to make her feel special during a difficult chapter in her life. She continued to study wine, drink it, and even journal about wine. Instead of flowers, she asked for a bottle of wine to enjoy with friends. From researching various origins and varietals, Kaye’s passion for wine grew far beyond the taste.

ready to wine

During her wine studies and journaling, Kaye discovered that
she preferred wine designed to be enjoyed right after bottling. “I was
motivated to create delicious wines, ready to drink immediately after
bottling, for the woman on-the-go,” states Kaye.

Kaye sought a region rich in wine history, with high-quality grapes, which didn’t require post-bottle aging. Enter the Sierra Foothills of Lodi, California. Kaye’s experience with Lodi (pronounced LOH-dye) confirmed her destiny to start a business. Soon after, The Random Whine Red Blend and Pinot Grigio were born. Proceeds from wine sales directly support women battling breast cancer to help them survive and thrive. TRW is currently assessing options for a potential annual rotation.


The Random Whine Varietals are available for purchase and enjoyment online. Indulge responsibly. Must be 21+